josh trommel

17 year old cliché teen developer & 1/4 of Maybulb (formerly Bright).

we made this thing called Nimble that puts Wolfram|Alpha® in your macOS menubar, and some people liked it.

others, not so much.

lol the developers from Bright are narcissistic as hell

— Avery Magnotti (@citrusui) April 12, 2016

ok, sorry for any hard feelings team. i actually like what you do, it's pretty cool and I'm jealous

— Avery Magnotti (@citrusui) July 31, 2016

i also made this website called cameron, which is a service for complimenting you. i like to be kind.

i made a git tracker i called oliver, which was the cutest name i could think of.

my passions also include photography, filmmaking, music, reading, writing, and sharing.

if you want to get a hold of me, you can email me or tweet me.